A Potential ‘Ironheart’ Series is in Early Development

Who will be the next Iron Man? That was the central question driving most of Spider-Man: Far From Home. It won’t be Peter Parker, and if things progress as they are; it will be a new character to the MCU.

According to a source who has not yet been wrong, a potential Disney+ limited series for Ironheart has begun early development. While a movie is possible, it sounds like she’ll be introduced via a limited series before appearing in the films; just like Ms. Marvel.

Obviously this isn’t the first we’ve heard of the possibility of Ironheart in the MCU. There was a script for her on the Blacklist of unproduced scripts, and there is support to see her on the big screen as well.

Riri Williams took on the mantle of Ironheart after Carol Danvers punched Tony Stark into a coma during the comic’s Civil War II event. It’s not known how she’ll be introduced into the MCU or if there will be a connection to Tony Stark like there was in the comics.