Wanda and Vision’s Kids Set to Appear in WandaVision

WandaVision is rapidly approaching the start of production and more details about the series is starting to come out.

Firstly, the show is being jokingly referred to as “Wanda’s Vision”, and there’s even been some art done with that name where the apostrophe is the Soul Stone and the “Vision” text is generated by “lightning” coming from Wanda’s eyes.

But the big piece of news is that they are casting babies to appear in the show. Comic fans know where this is headed.

The rumor is that the two babies are part of Wanda’s vision and they grow up rapidly. But at the end of the show they somehow become real and become members of the MCU.

This could be Wiccan and Speed, two members of the Young Avengers who would then join characters such as Kate Bishop, Cassie Lang, and Ms. Marvel in a team up.

With five of the Young Avengers established, there are only a couple left to show up such as the Captain America-inspired Patroit and the Kree-Skrull hybrid Hulking. There are shows on Disney+ where they could debut as well…