Nova is Set For His MCU Debut!

A fan favorite character is on the way to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and he may be showing up sooner than many expected.

Back in May, MCU Cosmic reported that development on Nova had begun at Marvel Studios. That followed comments by Kevin Feige a year earlier when he told that Nova was a character with “immediate potential”. In May it was hard to tell how far the development was on the project, but now I have a better idea.

According to very reliable sources, Nova appears to be one of the big characters planned for a Phase 5 debut alongside Blade, The Fantastic Four, and the Mutants. And from the sound of things, and how it’s been in development for a while, it could be relatively early in Phase 5 as well.

Right now the only Phase 5 movie we have a release date for is Black Panther II on May 6, 2022. There are also February and July MCU releases in 2022, not to mention any of the movies planned for 2023. So where Nova would appear is difficult to predict at this point.

We also can’t ignore Disney+, as Ms. Marvel, Moon Knight, and She Hulk show; Marvel’s not against introducing a new character there before moving them into the movies. There’s also a possibility of him debuting in a cosmic movie like Captain Marvel 2.

Wherever he debuts, The Human Rocket is soon to be part of the MCU, and it’s something fans have been waiting a very long time for.