Deadpool Writers Confirm Marvel Will Allow Him to be Rated-R

Ever since Disney announced the Fox purchase, a false narrative has been pushed online that they would not allow R-rated Deadpool movies. This was quickly debunked by Disney CEO Bob Iger more than once, but that didn’t stop people from pushing the idea to make people mad.

Tonight Entertainment Weekly has a quote from the Deadpool writers, where they (again) confirm that Marvel will make R-rated Deadpool films and even promised that to them:

“I think the party line and truth is we’re all still figuring it out. Marvel has promised to continue to let us play in the R-rated Deadpool universe, and the hope is that they will also let us veer into the MCU a little bit as well and play in that sandbox.”

Paul Wernick to Entertainment Weekly, October 14, 2019

Of course this probably won’t stop people from trying to spread bogus stories about Deadpool being forced into a PG-13; even though we probably will see PG-13 Deadpool when he interacts with PG-13 characters, while he remains R-rated in his solo movies.