Chris Claremont Says He Wishes Fox Got His X-Men Stories Right

With the X-Men now finally home at Marvel where they belong, we never have to worry about another X-Men Origins: Wolverine or Dark Phoenix. Also now that the Fox era is over, people can be honest with what they thought of the output from the studio across the nearly twenty years that they produced X-Men movies.

At New York Comic Con, Chris Claremont was on a panel was talking about how great it’s been for Stan Lee’s stories on the big screen, and then he dropped a bomb on Fox saying, “I wished they’d gotten my films right.”

Chris Claremont is responsible for many of the major X-Men storylines that Fox based their movies on such as God Loves, Man Kills, Days of Future Past, and The Dark Phoenix Saga. In the past he seemed to be diplomatic while Fox was producing the movies. Now that they can never hurt his stories again, it appears the gloves are off.