‘Young Avengers’ Limited Series Rumored for Disney+

For a while we’ve known that Marvel had plans for the billion-dollar ‘Avengers’ beyond Endgame, they weren’t just going to sit on a guaranteed hit. Last year we heard that Marvel was planning either a New Avengers or a Young Avengers (as well as a possibility of Dark Avengers), and now one of them may be headed to Disney+.

Full Circle Cinema has a rumor from ace scooper Daniel Richtman, who says that the Young Avengers project is destined for Disney+. While some people will be upset about this being on streaming instead of in theaters, it really makes sense with the characters we know are on the way.

Ms. Marvel is coming to Disney+, as is Kate Bishop. Marvel has plans for America Chavez, and it’s possible that WandaVision could introduce a couple of the Young Avengers as well.

And again, being on a Marvel Studios Disney+ series doesn’t prevent the characters from appearing in the movies. Think of the Disney+ shows like a weekly comic book that lead into the big yearly events that are the movies.

Setting up the Young Avengers on Disney+ would give the next big-screen Avengers movie and even larger roster of characters to pull from.