Rumor: Marvel is Considering POC for Professor X and Magneto in the MCU

The X-Men won’t show up in the MCU for a very long time according to Kevin Feige, but that doesn’t mean that Marvel Studios isn’t already brainstorming what they’ll do with the new toys they now have access too.

One thing they’re apparently considering is a huge change to Xavier and Magneto. According to Full Circle Cinema, they’re thinking about having Magneto, Xavier, or both played by people of color in the upcoming MCU reboot.

While it’s a huge change for the characters, it’d be a big way to separate the MCU movies from the two Fox X-Men franchises and the people who played the characters in those films.

It seems like this is really early and is just something they’re thinking about, and we have many years before we’ll see the characters in the MCU. Still, that they’re thinking of doing something as different as this should excite people for what they have planned for the Mutants as it won’t be a repeat of what we’ve seen before.