Marvel Has Plans for Miss America in the Future

Another sign has surfaced that Marvel plans to assemble The Ultimates in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We already have Black Panther, Captain Marvel, and Monica Rambeau; and now another member of the team is in the cards for some time in the future.

Marvel has plans to use Miss America, a.k.a. America Chavez at some point in the future. America is a relatively new character in the comics, a Latin-American immigrant who’s gay. That mans the people who had aneurisms over Captain Marvel are really not going to like this character being introduced into the MCU.

The plans involve something in live action, but as we’ve seen with Phase 4; it could be either a movie or Disney+ series. Much like Ms. Marvel, it’s possible America could debut on streaming prior to moving to the big screen in a team up with the rest of The Ultimates.

As we already have most of The Ultimates now, Blue Marvel shouldn’t be far behind. And as Marvel also has plans in the future of Galactus, all signs are pointing to that cosmic version of the Avengers appearing someday.