Marvel Has Plans for Galactus and Tyrant in the MCU

With San Diego Comic Con over and the revelation of Phase 4, many think there’s not much else planned for the MCU. Not true at all, they have all of Phase 5 planned out already. And with the Fox purchase, Marvel has a lot of new toys they’ve been waiting to play with.

At some point in the near future, Marvel Studios plans to introduce the planet-eating Galactus, as well as one of his lesser-known creations, Tyrant.

Everyone knows who Galactus is, but Tyrant is an interesting choice to go with him. Created by Ron Lim, Ron Marz, and Tom Christopher during the early 90’s run of Silver Surfer; Tyrant is a creation of Galactus who went rogue and became a villain. He and Galactus had an epic war that destroyed entire galaxies, before Galactus exiled him to deep space.

Tyrant played a role in that early 90s Silver Surfer run with the legendary Ron Lim art, and interacted with other cosmic Marvel characters such as the Surfer, Beta Ray Bill, and Gladiator; all of which could possibly appear in the MCU in the future.

Obviously the big question is where they could show up. Marvel has a lot of cosmic options on the table now with a Captain Marvel sequel, a third Guardians, as well as a potential Nova movie. Not to mention Eternals, which could set the stage for Galactus due to his connection to the Celestials.

Galactus also plays a role in the 2015 version of The Ultimates. This comic series united current MCU characters Black Panther, Captian Marvel, and Monica Rambeau with characters not yet in the MCU; Blue Marvel, America Chavez, and Galactus. We already have half of The Ultimates in the MCU, Galactus could be another sign that they’re going to built towards introducing the entire team. With Galactus in the MCU, we’d only need Blue Marvel and America.

Wherever they show up, Galactus and Tyrant have a very distinct connection, which means they are likely planned to be used together in some way. Everyone expects to see Silver Surfer as the first herald of Galactus in the MCU, which makes Tyrant is certainly an interesting and very unexpected choice.

When Eternals was first revealed, it was a sign that Marvel was embracing the vast cosmic universe that they have in the comics. We’ve seen that grow with The Infinity Saga and the introduction of Captain Marvel. With characters like Galactus and Tyrant on the table, the cosmic epics in the MCU are just going to get bigger…