There Appears to Be Several Inactive Facebook Pages For Future Marvel Movies

Here’s something very interesting in the week leading up to San Diego Comic Con. noticed that there are some unactivated Facebook pages that look like they’re for future Marvel movies. Specifically, ComicBook found pages for Black Widow and Marvel’s Eternals that are set to private and not active yet:

If you view these pages on a desktop browser they show the page you see when a Facebook page isn’t published for the public yet and is private:

NOTE: You can only see this on a desktop browser. If you try viewing the pages on mobile you will just get the normal 404 page with the “thumbs up” emoji.

Following their discovery of those two pages, it’s been found that there are several other phantom pages for Marvel properties:

None of those are too surprising as they’ve all been heavily rumored to be happening. That Hashtag Show reported that there is a Dark Avengers script, Young Avengers has been rumored, and of course there has been a lot of talk about Iron Heart recently.

Will all of these be announced at SDCC next weekend? It’s hard to say. Black Widow and The Eternals are a certain, but the others are definitely interesting to consider…