Everything Revealed in the Avengers: Endgame Audio Commentary

Avengers: Endgame is now available digitally (on Blu-Ray August 13th), and many of the digital versions include all of the special features from the disc as well as a digital exclusive featurette.

As it includes all of the special features, that includes the audio commentary by the Russo Bros, and screenwriters Markus and McFeely. The four have done separate interviews after the release of the movie, but this commentary is the first time we have heard all four together discussing Avengers: Endgame:

  • The opening scene with Hawkeye and his family was originally in Avengers: Infinity War and would’ve been shown after Thanos snapped his fingers.
  • Tony’s hologram message at the opening was to establish the way he would deliver his own eulogy at the end.
  • The Russos explain that after the credits tag in Captain Marvel, she’s brought up to speed about Tony and there’s some kind of homing beacon on the ship.
  • Originally Carol wasn’t revealed in the movie until she brings the ship back to the Avengers Facility.
  • Some of the “What if” ideas of alternate versions of the heroes, which would be realized in the five-year time jump in Endgame, originated during the filming of Civil War.
  • The seeds of a time machine in the Ant Man franchise is what convinced the writers that they could do time travel in this movie.
  • Talking about the the complexities of bringing everyone back, such as those on airplanes or who got remarried in the five year jump, they say Marvel universe moving forward is set five years in the future and describe it as “a really complicated future.”
  • Professor Hulk (or Smart Hulk) originally was created in Infinity War. In Wakanda they made some kind of compromise, and Smart Hulk rips out of the armor and defeats Cull Obsidian. It was changed during the editing process of Infinity War, after test audiences wouldn’t accept it and after the filming of Endgame. This explains why there were toys produced of Hulk bursting out of the armor and why the diner scene was part of the Endgame reshoots.
  • They didn’t see Smart Hulk in full until close to the last week on the movie due to the time the VFX took.
  • Natasha finding Clint in Tokyo is meant to mirror him pulling her out of being a Russian agent in her origin.
  • Hulk’s time travel explanation is what the writers were told by actual quantum physicists who were brought into the writer’s room to discuss time travel with them.
  • None of the Quantum time travel suits existed, they were all entirely CG.
  • The Russos say the scene with Rocket mocking the Avengers over the Chitauri fight didn’t work, which is why they cut it. They felt it was too much inside baseball.
  • They say that the Robert Redford scene was his last day of acting.
  • 2023 Cap swears a lot more because he’s been through a lot.
  • The scene of Jane getting out of bed in Asgard was an outtake from Thor: The Dark World and they added Rocket to it.
  • Thanos and Maw reverse engineered the Pym Particles to create their own in order to shrink the ship and travel through time.
  • They confirm that Natasha on Vormir is fighting to save her family, the Avengers, and not Cliff’s as many online believe. It’s also to erase all the red in her ledger.
  • The Avengers compound set is actually in an abandoned conference room of a Sheraton hotel near the Atlanta airport.
  • There was a version of the story where everyone reappeared immediately after the Hulk snap, but that would’ve prevented the awesome portals scene where everyone came back.
  • They talk about another version where Thanos in his own time opening a portal to the battlefield and throwing 2012’s Cap’s head on the ground in front of the Avengers.
  • When describing Thor’s two weapons before the final battle, Joe Russo is bleeped for a bad language word.
  • It’s confirmed that Thanos is able to destroy Cap’s shield because while Vibranium is the strongest metal on Earth, whatever Thanos’ blade is made out of is stronger. It’s floated that Eitri made it for him.
  • When talking about the Portals scene they all talk about how Alan Silvestri’s score should be considered for some awards, such as an Oscar.
  • They describe the Avengers Assemble final charge as a splash panel from the comics.
  • T’Challa calling Clint’s name for the gauntlet is a call back to Civil War where Clint introduced himself, and T’Challa said he didn’t care.
  • It’s confirmed that Tony was able to remove the stones from the gauntlet as both his suit and it are nano tech and they can talk to each other.
  • The “I am Iron Man” shot was the very last thing filmed for the movie during the reshoots in January 2019.
  • Not showing where Gamora went was left intentionally vague.
  • At the end they explain that even the stones cannot return someone who was sacrificed to the Soul Stone, meaning that Nat’s death is permanent.
  • Bucky did know of Cap’s decision to stay in the past, which is why he said he’ll miss him.
  • Cap’s ending was one of the first things they settled on when working on these two Avengers movies.
  • The open door of Peggy’s house means the scene takes place minutes after Cap returned to her front door.
  • We know Kevin Feige is a big Star Trek fan, and the final “signature” credits for the Original Six were inspired by those of Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country and it was apparently something very important for him to include.

Avengers: Endgame is now available digitally, in both HD and 4K. For information on how to watch it in 4K digital, check out this article from yesterday.