What Will You See in the Avengers: Endgame Re-Release?

When it was revealed last week that Marvel Studios would be re-releasing Avengers: Endgame this weekend with a new deleted scenes and some special features after the credits, everyone wondered exactly what the content would be. Cinemark posted on their website last week that it would be a deleted scene and the Stan Lee tribute, which is also on the Blu-ray, but the identity of the deleted scene has remained a mystery. Until now.

This week’s re-release of Avengers: Endgame will include will be a new deleted scene that plays after the credits, which features the Hulk. It’s not the Kathrine Langford scene that many were hoping to see (which hopefully will show up on the Blu-ray), but rather a Hulk scene that fits more as a post-credit thing than the older Morgan Stark would. Some showings will include an introduction by the Russo Brothers as well.

In addition to the scene and the Stan Lee tribute, there will be a short tease for Spider-Man: Far From Home.

If you’re not able to make it to a theater to see Avengers: Endgame during its re-release, the scene will likely be part of the deleted scenes that will be included with the digital and Blu-ray versions of Avengers: Endgame when that’s released in a few weeks.