The 4K MCU Collection Will Be Complete This Year

Marvel fans who have upgraded to 4K displays already have been filling out their collections with 4K re-issues of the MCU movies, beginning with the release of Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol 2. Since then every new release has arrived in 4K, and they’ve also released the Captain America and Avengers trilogies on the format. Now we know when the rest of the movies will arrive.

According to Bill Hunt of The Digital Bits, the Iron Man trilogy arrives in 4K in August, followed by the first two Thor movies in September, and the first Guardians, Doctor Strange, and Ant-Man in October:

This also lines up with the launch of Disney+, as Disney has already said the movies will stream there in 4K HDR. If all of the MCU movies are available on disc and digital in 4K HDR prior to the launch of that service, then you can expect the ones available on Disney+ on day one to be in the format.

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