New Evidence Points to a 1990’s Setting For ‘Black Widow’

Now that the Black Widow movie is in production, people really want to know when in the MCU timeline the film is set. While there were some completely unverifiable rumors over the last month that it’d be set after Civil War (which doesn’t fit with established MCU canon where she’s traveling in seclusion with Cap and Falcon), most of the rumors have pointed to it being a prequel set prior to her first appearance in Iron Man 2. Specifically, one time period I’ve heard from a source who has been 100% reliable is that it would deal with the Y2K panic at the end of the 90s. Now, some new set photos could point to a 90s setting.

The Daily Mail posted some set photos of Black Widow, and one of them shows Natasha standing next to a car in the forest. That car is a LADA Niva, model VAS-2131. That specific make is a Russian 4×4, and the VAZ-2131 was produced in the 1990s. Based on the look of the car in the set photo, it looks like it has some years on it which could put it towards the end of the 90s when the film is rumored to take place.

It’s always possible that Black Widow could be set in multiple time periods, but this set photo gives a lot of strength to the rumors that the 90s (or at least the end of the 90s) will play some part in the movie when it releases next year.

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