Kevin Feige Confirms Fantastic Four and X-Men Brainstorming Has Begun

Marvel Studios finally has access to their most important characters, and they’re obviously going to be appearing in the movies at some point down the line.

While Kevin Feige has said in the past it’d be a “very long time” before The X-Men appear in the MCU (and the Dark Phoenix bomb might affect that too), he has told Fandango that the brainstorming for the Fox characters has begun:

“It’s still early days, but it’s been a fun exercise, and it’s one, by the way, that we’ve been doing for years. Every development meeting starts with cool ideas and fun ideas, and our wheels are always turning in terms of what if… to use a Marvel publishing term. What if we did this? What if we did that? What if we had access to such and such characters? That’s how Spider-Man: Homecoming came together in the first place, and it’s fun to now be in this position with the Fox characters, too, because if we come up with a great “What If” we can actually do it.”

While the X-Men are still fresh on people’s mind with the cratering of Dark Phoenix at the box office, it’s now been four years since the flop of Fantastic Four 2015. Which means we’ll probably be seeing Marvel’s First Family on the big screen before the Mutants.

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