Rumor: Power Pack Now in Active Development

One Marvel property that’s been mentioned multiple times over the years as something Marvel Studios could adapt is Power Pack. The kid-team of superheroes created by Louise Simonson in 1984 has always been one that Marvel could adapt into a movie and TV show, and even last year Kevin Feige talked about them during the Avengers: Infinity War press junket commenting on how fun it would be to do someday.

Well, it seems like Kevin Feige likes fun because according do a very reliable source, a Power Pack project is now in “active development” within Marvel Studios. I need to be clear that it’s not certain if this will be a full-fledged theatrical film, or a series on Disney+. The kid superhero theme of Power Pack definitely would fit in well with Disney+, so I wouldn’t be shocked if it popped up there.

Over the years there have been rumors that Marvel would like a Power Pack film, but with the advent of Disney+ there’s a whole new outlet for the characters to appear on. So what could’ve been a movie two or three years ago, could now easily be made into a Disney+ series. At the same time, just last year Feige said that they wanted to do something for families and a little younger, so the possibility of it being a movie can’t be completely ruled out just yet.

Wherever Alex Power, Julie Power, Jack Power, and Katie Power end up appearing, be it on the big screen or small, it sounds like they may finally be on their way after years of wishful talk from Marvel about Power Pack.

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