Nova Almost Appeared in Avengers: Infinity War

This week, MCU Cosmic reported that Marvel has begun development on a Nova movie, but he’s been rattling around in their heads for a while and could’ve made it into Avengers: Infinity War.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter today, screenwriters Markus and McFeely discuss ideas they had for writing the two-movie epic, and they said they went through “several scenarios” of Nova. He would’ve taken on the role of Hulk to warn people of Thanos coming according to Christopher Markus:

“I remember going through several scenarios of Nova. Thanos could come and kill all the Nova Corps, except one guy. Richard Rider, who then becomes … I think in that scenario he became the herald, kind of like the Hulk was [in Infinity War when he crashed into the Sanctum Santorum]. Someone who could come out and tell people.”

These abandoned ideas were part of a sixty-page document, that Marvel still has somewhere. It’s possible some of those ideas could eventually make it to the screen, and Thanos’ decimation of Xandar would be the perfect origin for Richard Rider in the MCU.

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