New Mutants Delayed Again to 2020

The never-ending saga of New Mutants continues yet again, as the movie has faced another delay.

Originally scheduled to release way back in 2018, the movie was then delayed right before release to August of this year. Rumors of extensive reshoots have persisted, but there’s been no real evidence of those yet. And then there’s the rumor of it being dropped on streaming, but it seems like Disney still wants a theatrical release for the film. And that would make sense as the companies that financed the movie did so with the understanding it would see a theatrical release.

Now the movie has been delayed yet again, this time to April 3, 2020 and it does list it as a theatrical release. That means the rumors of reshoots are possibly true and the bump would be needed to accommodate the actor’s schedules as they all seem pretty busy this year, making reshoots for an August release not possible.

That means New Mutants, releasing in 2020, will be the final Fox Mutant release.

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