Initial Marvel Studios Disney+ Lineup Officially Revealed!

Today Disney held an investor day to reveal Disney+ to their shareholders and investors, and Marvel’s Kevin Feige showed up to cover some of what Marvel Studios will feature on the service.

In addition to confirming that many of the Marvel Studios movies will be on the service, Feige revealed the following:

  • WandaVision: The official title for the Scarlet Witch/Vision series.
  • Falcon and The Winter Soldier: Confirming Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie will return and team up.
  • What If?: An animated series with the original cast members returning. Feige described the first episode as “What if Peggy Carter had become a supersoldier and Steve Rogers had stayed a scrawny kid, but joined the fight in an armored suit made by Howard Stark.”
  • Loki: Once again it’s confirmed that Tom Hiddleston will return to star as Loki in the series.

In addition to those, they will also have the non-fiction documentary series such as Marvel Hero Project and Marvel 616.

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