People Are Using Bots to ‘Review Bomb’ Captain Marvel on Rotten Tomatoes

Last week when Rotten Tomatoes disabled user reviews prior to release, everyone knew the trolls would return in force to spam Captain Marvel‘s page after release. They did, and they brought their botting program with them, and there’s evidence that’s easy to see on the site.

Rotten Tomatoes opened up the user reviews for the movie overnight as the movie is officially released in the US today, and already there are more than 58,000 user scores. In comparison, Avengers: Infinity War (a movie released a year ago), only has just over 53,000 user scores. Aquaman, released in December, has only 30,000. So in a few hours Captain Marvel has been spammed with more user reviews than a movie released in December and one released an entire year ago.

One would suspect botting, and there’s proof of that visible on the site if you look at the user reviews. The majority are very easy to spot as the text of the review is only “I_am_Robbie_the_synthetic_comment”:

Some also have bizarre syntax errors that look as if they are machine generated:

In theory, it would be very easy for Rotten Tomatoes to remove these bot reviews. Since most of them just say “I_am_Robbie_the_synthetic_comment”, they could probably run a script to remove all comments with that string. The question is if Rotten Tomatoes even cares enough to do that.

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