RUMOR: Where Captain Marvel Was During Infinity War (Possible Spoilers)

Ever since Nick Fury paged Captain Marvel in the post-credit scene of Avengers: Infinity War, fans have been debating about where Carol Danvers was during the movie and why Fury didn’t call her earlier.

Now a new rumor from the Captain Marvel movie may explain it, and it’s really not as surprising as some people have speculated over the last year. But first, it’s good to look back at the official Captain Marvel Prelude comic that was released a few months ago, as it actually dropped a huge hint to why he didn’t call her during Infinity War:

The rumor is that’s exactly why Fury waited until the end of Infinity War and people began turning to dust to page Captain Marvel. The agreement he had with Carol was that he would only call her if his plan, what would become known as the Avengers Initiative and the heroes that would encompass, failed.

Where was she? The rumor says she has been in the far reaches of space keeping the peace following the signing of the Kree-Xandar peace treaty that was still in effect in Guardians of the Galaxy. The same one that really sets off Ronan and turns him into the fanatical villain he was in the first Guardians. She’s been out there as a bulwark, preventing large invasions of Earth like what is attempted in Captain Marvel.

This will also explain why Thanos didn’t just invade Earth with his Chitauri army in The Avengers. With Captain Marvel out there in space as a barrier to tyrants like Thanos from invading Earth, he had to secretly send one soldier (Loki) to find the Tesseract and open a portal in space so he could bypass Carol Danvers.

So again, this is just a rumor but it does make a lot more sense than some of the crazier theories that have been out there such as her being frozen or stuck somewhere. She’s just been doing what Thor does, protecting Earth; only in her own way.

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