‘Review Bombing’ of Captain Marvel User Scores on Rotten Tomatoes Has Begun

It happened with Black Panther, and now people are once again “review bombing” the user review score on Rotten Tomatoes for Captain Marvel. This is a tactic used by trolls to attempt, in their mind, to dissuade people from seeing a movie if they’re able to drive the user score down low enough by spamming it with negative reviews.

Obviously it didn’t work with Black Panther, as the critic reviews we excellent as was the word of mouth and it went on to make a billion dollars. And it probably won’t work with Captain Marvel, but of course they’re going to try it.

I won’t post all of them, but here are just a selection of the negative reviews that are being posted of a movie that the general public still won’t see for another two weeks:

Obviously the easiest solution to this problem is just to remove the user score option. That’s actually something YouTube as been floating (removing the dislike button) to avoid campaigns like this from spamming fake negative reviews.