Here’s the Full Dark Phoenix Trailer

After completely botching the trailer launch via The Tonight Show, Fox has released the full trailer for Dark Phoenix online.

How did they botch it? Here’s what people were complaining about online:

  • They hyped up the trailer release yesterday.
  • They then hyped up The Tonight Show appearance, leading people to believe the trailer would drop there.
  • Instead of the trailer, they showed a 30 second clip that looked a lot like X-Men: The Last Stand.
  • After debuting that clip, The Tonight Show actually deleted their Tweet calling it a “trailer” and reposted it calling it a “sneak peek”.

And now, at 12:30pm Eastern time in the US they finally drop the trailer. Sure, there are people defending this boggling decision on social media because not everyone lives in the US, but Fox debuted the trailer on a US-based late-night show that’s recorded in New York City and airs on a US network when half of the country is asleep.

Anyways, here’s the trailer for Fox’s final X-Men movie:

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