Exclusive: ‘The Eternals’ Mystery Character ‘Karen’ is Revealed!

If you followed MCU Cosmic since the site launched, you know we’ve been on top of The Eternals from the very beginning. Now another piece of the mystery surrounding Marvel’s new cosmic franchise may be solved.

Recently, casting information about the movie hit the internet and one character listed was a mystery to everyone. While the casting sides listed familiar characters such as Sersi and Ikaris, no one could place who “Karen” was. Now we may know.

“Karen”, which may not be the final name for the character as it could just be a placeholder for casting purposes, appears to be a new character to the MCU. She appears to be a human from Earth, and may be an archeologist.

If this sounds familiar to readers of Jack Kirby’s The Eternals, it’s because there was a character in his original run that matches that description. The very first issues of Kirby’s The Eternals dealt with Margo Damian and her father who was an archeologist. Together with a cameraman named Ike (who turned out to be Ikaris in disguise) they discover The Eternals. It’s very possible that this mystery “Karen” could be the MCU’s version of Margo Damian. Who knows, maybe she’ll be called Margo in the end.

Another thing to remember is that it looks like Karen and Piper/Sprite seem to be undergoing casting separate from the rest of the characters. It’s been speculated that it could be for a post-credit stinger, possibly for Avengers: Endgame. The scene could involve Piper/Sprite taking Karen from Earth to meet The Eternals.

All of this makes a lot of sense in the MCU, because most of the movies do tend to have a human character in a lead role (Thor Ragnarok is really the only exception). Much like Jane Foster in the original Thor, human from Earth such as “Karen” is the perfect way for the audience to be introduced to the cosmic space gods of The Eternals.