Captain Marvel Meets the Kree Supreme Intelligence in New Clip

Last night Annette Bening appeared on the Late Show, and she brought with her a new clip from Captain Marvel where Carol meets with the Kree Supreme Intelligence.

The clip is interesting as just by looking at this you can see another example of how you can’t believe everything in a Marvel trailer, there’s stuff in this clip that appeared very different than in the trailers. Aside from the Supreme Intelligence wearing a Starforce uniform, the shot of the Skrull in this clip is different than in the trailers where it looked like it was outdoors and not a hologram.

On the show, Bening confirmed she’s playing the Supreme Intelligence in the movie, but there’s a lot more to it. There are some legitimate spoilers out there, and there are also some very fake ones. It’s best to try to avoid those until the movie comes out to get the whole surprise…

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