Captain Marvel Has Two Credit Scenes (No Spoilers!)

After twenty-one movies, you expect a MCU movie to include at least one credit scene…if not more. Avengers: Infinity War was an exception to the rule as after the initial credits ended and the logo dusted away, the Russos left people in stunned silence until the very end where there was just one stinger. It was effective, I remember someone double-flipping off the screen in one of my viewings last year.

In 2019 Captain Marvel kicks off the MCU movies this year, and last night the first social media reactions were released. One of the reactions revealed that there are two credit scenes in the movie and it really gets you excited for Avengers: Endgame:

A lot of people were confused by the mention of something before the movie starts, and while that information is out there I won’t spoil it here. But it is something really touching that Marvel fans will love.