A New Piece of the Yon-Rogg/Mar-Vell Puzzle May Be Revealed

The back and forth about who Jude Law is playing in Captain Marvel has honestly become a bit tiring, but there’s a new piece of evidence about who the character is that’s definitely interesting and brings up a cool possibility for how Carol gets her name in the movie.

On the cool 90’s style Captain Marvel website that Disney launched this week are small animated GIFs of all of the major characters (and Stan Lee). For the Jude Law GIF, the filename is “marvell”, but more importantly the alt-text on the image describes it as “Captain Mar-vell”:

This is interesting as we haven’t seen Jude Law referred to as Captain Mar-vell yet, just Mar-vell. Could it be possible that the title for the leader of the Starforce is “Captain Mar-vell”, and when Yon-Rogg’s true nature is exposed; Carol Danvers takes the title for herself and calls herself Captain Marvel?

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