What’s Next For ‘Avengers’ in Phase 4?

In just a couple of months Marvel Studios will release the culmination of their first 21 movies and the conclusion to the saga of the original six Avengers with Avengers: Endgame. The MCU will be a very different place following that movie, and now there are starting to be some rumors about what Marvel may be planning regards to the future of the Avengers franchise.

The interesting thing is what it’ll be called. These rumors are still very early and it could be several years before anything materializes, but there are whispers going around about both a “Young Avengers” and a “New Avengers“, but it’s very possible those are the same thing.

Whatever the movie ends up being called, it would be something that combines some of the younger Avengers characters in the Young Avengers roster with older characters such as Captain Marvel, Black Panther, and Doctor Strange to make a New Avengers team.

This could be why there are so many rumors about Young Avengers characters being introduced in the upcoming Disney+ series. Characters like Kate Bishop or even the offspring of Vision and Wanda could show up on one of the Disney+ series, and since they’re made and produced by Marvel Studios, move on to the big screen in whatever this New Avengers team up movie becomes. But to be clear, there’s no rumored lineup of the “Young” Avengers in the movie just yet. So those worried about not seeing a favorite show up can rest easy for now. It’s all very early.

There have also been rumors out there of a Dark Avengers movie being a possibility, but there’s enough smoke around a New/Young Avengers project that it seems like that might be coming first; again all of the Disney+ stuff seems to connect and fit with such a team being put together.

So again, this is all just rumors, but it seems like Marvel won’t be sitting on the franchise even though the original six members may or may not be involved anymore. In the comics, Avengers always had a rotating roster and multiple different versions over the years, so it won’t be shocking to see some kind of New Avengers form within the next few years as we go through Phase 4.

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