The Kree Supreme Intelligence in Captain Marvel Revealed

It’s been known for a while that the Kree Supreme Intelligence would appear in Captain Marvel, but until now it wasn’t really confirmed how the character would appear in the MCU. In the comics it’s basically a giant green head in a jar, which would be a bit strange even in a MCU that featured Ego the Living Planet, and now we know who is playing the Supreme Intelligence…and they are in the trailer.

A new storybook has made its way on shelves a bit early, and it confirms that Annette Bening is playing the Kree Supreme Intelligence in the movie:

I know there were some fan theories that Bening was playing the MCU version of Mar-Vell, but this storybook confirms that the Supreme Intelligence is the role she’s playing in the movie. Perhaps the humanoid Kree form is just something the character takes on to interact with Carol Danvers and we’ll still see the giant green head in a jar?

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