The Genis-Vell Marvel Legends Figure Does Not Spoil the Character’s Appearance in Captain Marvel

Over the weekend numerous websites ran sensationalist headlines screaming at the top of their lungs how the Marvel Legends Genis-Vell figure is a spoiler for Captain Marvel based on an error on the Disney Store website.

The Genis-Vell Marvel Legends figure is part of the first Captain Marvel wave of action figures, and if anyone collects these figures they know that the Marvel Legends waves always include two figures from the comics in order to fill the number of figures per case. In the first Captain Marvel line, the two figures from the comics (that do not appear in the movie) are Genis-Vell and Grey Gargoyle.

These figures are clearly differentiated from the rest of the line by having the “Marvel” logo above their name instead of the Captain Marvel movie logo:

All of the Captain Marvel movie figures in the wave (the two Captain Marvels, Coulson, Yon-Rogg, and Talos) all feature the Captain Marvel movie logo as they’re from the movie:

The claim that Genis-Vell is in the movie is based nothing more on a listing on the Disney Store website, which is obviously an error. If Genis-Vell was actually in Captain Marvel, the action figure would feature the movie logo on the front of the box like the other figures in the line. But like all previous Marvel Legends lines; both Genis-Vell and Grey Gargoyle are just the comic book characters included in the wave.