Captain Marvel is Tracking for a Huge Opening Weekend Debut

It’s not going to be a fun time for those people online who have been screaming for the last few months that Captain Marvel would “flop” or “bomb”.

After becoming the #3 MCU movie of all time in advanced ticket sales on Fandango, Atom Tickets issued a press release where they said due to how early and how well tickets are selling, Captain Marvel could even out-pace Avengers: Infinity War. Now long-range box office tracking has come out for the movie, and it’s set to have a huge opening.

According to Box Office Pro, Captain Marvel‘s long-range tracking puts it at a $140-180 million opening. That’s long-range tracking, and it can change when the release gets closer, but that’s similar to what Black Panther was at this far out, and that movie went to shatter opening weekend records.

So next time you see someone claiming that Captain Marvel is going to bomb because she didn’t smile in a trailer, you can just laugh at them.

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