About The Myth That Marvel Isn’t Confident in Captain Marvel…

Over the last week or so there have been people attempting to spread fear, uncertainty, and doubt about Captain Marvel prior to advance tickets going on sale next week in a pathetic attempt to sabotage the movie in the minds of people online. The catalyst for this latest round of anonymous fanboyism is that the rumored date for the red carpet premiere has been found and some people are using that as an excuse to claim that Marvel isn’t confident in the movie. When they have no clue what they’re talking about.

The people trying to spread this usually fall into two groups. One is made up of fans of different franchises who fall into a tribalism gang war mentality that tells them that people aren’t allowed to enjoy movies and characters from different franchises. The other is a group of people who sit on internet message boards all day and are threatened by a female superhero and don’t want to see one be successful in the MCU like how Wonder Woman was for DC.

Their theory that Marvel is not confident in Captain Marvel based solely on the red carpet premiere date has no basis in reality. It’s all in their head:

  • The date for the premiere is apparently March 4th, which is the Monday before release (just like Avengers: Infinity War). One of the possible reasons for that date is due to the Academy Awards being held in Hollywood on February 24th. People who post anonymous crap on message boards to try to sabotage a movie with a female hero may not know this, but that ceremony puts Hollywood Blvd (where the premiere is held) into chaos for weeks. No one is able to hold a premiere there the week before or the week after the Academy Awards due to the security and the time it takes to set up and tear down the event. The whole street is pretty much off-limits. The first available date would be March 4th.
  • No one claimed Marvel wasn’t confident in Infinity War because the premiere was the Monday before release (likely because the lead wasn’t a woman), and of course that was because they were trying to keep the ending a secret. The people spreading this bogus rumor claim that Captain Marvel has no secret they want to keep secret, and again they’re wrong. While comic book readers knew about the Snap and were expecting it, the general audience did not. Likewise there’s rumored to be a Shyamalan twist in Captain Marvel that they want to avoid leaking to the general audiences. Comic fans can already figure it out, as they know that the Kree aren’t really “noble warrior heroes”, but if the plot stuff is true; the general audience won’t see the twist coming and they wouldn’t want that spoiler out there. There’s also possible connections to Avengers: Endgame that they’d want to keep under wraps.

And of course there are the comments that Kevin Feige made during the Noovie Behind the Scenes thing that’s playing in theaters now:

“Captain Marvel is about to take the lead and be the forefront of the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe.”

They wouldn’t put Captain Marvel in the forefront of the entire MCU if they weren’t confident in her debut movie.

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