A Whole Bunch of Disney+ Series Rumors

Over the weekend a big batch of MCU Disney+ series rumors were posted to 4Chan. Now normally I won’t run these sort of plot spoilers that are posted there, as 99% of the time they’re just fan fiction made up by the poster. However with the case of these Disney+ rumors, there’s a lot of it in the post that checks out. They’re not 100% as these shows are still in very early development, things can change over time, and it seems like the information leaked could be upwards of a year old. Instead of just posting them exactly, I’ll summarize what the rumors for the series say:

The Vision and Scarlet Witch
This one appears to be the furthest along of the shows and is a suburban psychological thriller where Wanda and Vision settle down in the suburbs, but something goes very wrong when she attempts to give Vision a “soul”. Agatha Harkness may be the villain.

Seemingly confirming that rumor from last week where Hiddleston will only narrate the series, it may feature a young Loki with a vocal cameo by Odin and possibly a young Thor. The villains would be Karnilla and Ulik.

As reported exclusively on MCU Cosmic back in October, there is a Hawkeye series in the works where he helps and trains Kate Bishop against a new criminal group and Trickshot will appear.

Bucky & Falcon
The Bucky & Falcon series is said to be a spy thriller, kind of along the lines of The Winter Soldier, and would tie into the post-Endgame events very closely. They would be recruited by S.H.I.E.L.D. to deal with ULTIMATUM, as well as US Agent. This is where Nick Fury would appear in the Disney+ series and Agent 13 is also a possibility.

Lady Sif
The show we just learned about last week will apparently deal with Sif’s banishment from Asguard and show what she was up to during that time. She’ll have to face The Enchantress, but she’ll have a group of companions at her side including Beta Ray Bill. Of all of the series, this is the one I think fans would really want to see because we’ve been demanding Bill in the MCU for a very long time.

There were other series discussed, but nothing as concrete as the ones we already know about. One was a War Machine idea where he would try to stop the theft of Stark tech in a story that sounds somewhat similar to the plot of Spider-Man: Homecoming. There are also apparently ideas for characters such as Moon Knight and Sentry. All of that would be much, much, further out.

I’ve talked about how people need to look more at Disney+ as the future of the MCU, and it sounds like there’s going to be a lot of good stuff on there. People not in the US are concerned about missing out on these shows, but Disney has talked about taking Hulu international immediately (until they can expand Disney+) and it’s possible that’s where the Disney+ shows will play for a while. That way people around the world won’t miss out on these new MCU stories.

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