Update on the Rumored Avengers 4 Trailer Music That Leaked

Earlier this week a Russian trailer group that has legitimate sources inside trailer houses where movie trailers are created posted some information that went pretty viral.

They said the Avengers: Annihilation trailer would arrive this month, and they posted an unreleased music track that many (including myself) were led to believe to be the backing music for the trailer. It was an unreleased track from Twelve Titans Music titled “Nevermore”, and the fact that it was unreleased was another sign it could be the trailer music.

Well, in the last couple of days a friend of mine went and spoke with the admins of the group to get to the bottom of everything. The title was told to them by someone directly involved with the trailer. In fact, they didn’t even ask what the title was. The person just said it. As for the music track, while it was an unreleased and publicly unavailable track, it was just one the admins had on their playlist and they felt like including on their post about the trailer.

So the title and release of the trailer are the main parts of that post, while the music track now appears to be unrelated to the trailer; despite how perfectly it would’ve fit an Avengers teaser.

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