TFW There’s No Avengers 4 Trailer Drop Today

Another day is here, which means it’ll be more cries on social media demanding Marvel drop the Avengers 4 trailer. Sadly, again, today is not the day. So to try to prevent a whole lot of questions of “is it today”, here’s the latest update.

Yesterday was one-year to the day of the Avengers: Infinity War teaser release from 2017. That means that people were expecting the trailer to drop yesterday, and when it didn’t their hopes of course moved to today.

Radio didn’t help things much when a large UK station proclaimed that the trailer would drop today, likely basing that on an Instagram post by the Turkish voice actor for Iron Man where he discussed dubbing the trailer. Nowhere in his video did he even hint at when it was dropping, but that didn’t stop the radio station from again reporting speculation as concrete fact.

While there have rarely been big trailer releases on a Friday, that isn’t happening this time. As we’re now on the weekend, they traditionally don’t release giant trailers like Avengers on a Saturday or Sunday. They have announced trailers on Sundays though, such as the Star Wars trailers that arrived the following day, but not the actual release (outside of that Big Game every February of course). So no, it won’t be this weekend.

I know everyone wants to know the exact date, but this time I won’t spoil the surprise. I will play nice and not anger the powers that be like I have in the past with previous trailer drops. That said, you really don’t have long to wait at this point. Patience is soon to be rewarded in ways you don’t expect.

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