Captain Marvel Could Be Set in 1991

Earlier today Brie Larson released a new image of Captain Marvel flanked by “Rock the Vote” posters. These posters feature the design MTV used for the 1992 campaign, but there’s evidence on the wall with the posters that the movie could be set the year before.

Around the posters are flyers for shows at local clubs in Los Angeles, and one of them has a date. The poster below is promoting a show on a Thursday, August 29th:

August 29th only landed on a Thursday twice in the 90s: in 1991 and again in 1996. The second date would be way too late for the 1992 Rock the Vote posters to be up on that wall, while 1991 would be just about right…especially if the movie take place later in the year.

Then again it could be in 1992 and the posters with the August 29th date have just been up there for a long time. But the Rock the Vote posters were a clue to the window of when the movie could be set, and that poster with the date helps zero in on the exact year.

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