Avengers 4 News From Joe Russo’s Instagram Q&A

This morning Joe Russo did a live Q&A from his new bar Duello, and as part of the Q&A he did answer some questions about Avengers after going through some real questions about his new bar and his favorite drinks. Prior to the Avengers questions, he did say that he and Tom Holland talked about opening a pub in London back when they were filming Infinity War, but they haven’t talked about it since.

This is what he revealed about Avengers 4:

  • The stakes will be 100% higher in Avengers 4.
  • The run time of Avengers 4 is currently at three hours, but he said “we’ll see if that holds.”
  • The movie is only half-way through the editing process and effects work is still underway. They’re just scratching the surface on the VFX shots.
  • They would love to work with Marvel again. They would “gladly” work with Marvel in the future.
  • “You may or may not see” the trailer before the calendar turns to 2019.

No Avengers 4 title, they cut off the live stream right when Joe Russo was asked what the title is.

You can view the Avengers parts of the Q&A here:

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