About That ‘Official’ MCU Timeline Being Spread Around

Over the weekend numerous sites were running what they claimed to be the “official” MCU timeline. Right away people who actually watched the movies noticed some huge inconsistencies with it. For example, the timeline claims Infinity War is set in 2017, with The Avengers in 2012; while the actual movie of Infinity War has Tony Stark stating that it’s been six years since the Battle of New York (thus it’s set in 2018). There are numerous other problems with it, but that’s just one big example. When one actually does a little bit of investigation into where the timeline comes from, it’s easy to see how it’s not really “official”.

The origin of this “official” timeline is this book, Marvel Studios: The First Ten Years published by Titan Books under license from Marvel:

This $16 hardcover is basically a deluxe magazine, but it’s actually not by Marvel Studios.

Marvel Studios is working on their own very nice 10th anniversary book, but it won’t be out until next year following the release of Avengers 4 in May.

Marvel Studios: The First Ten Years: The Definitive Story Behind the Blockbuster Studio will be in the same style as the excellent Marvel Studios “Art of” books they do for every movie, be a two-volume set with official Marvel Studios art, and include a forward by Kevin Feige with an afterward by Robert Downey Jr:

While it’s not confirmed there will be a timeline in that book, Kevin Feige has said in the past they plan to do their own; and that book would be the most obvious place to include it as it’ll cover the true history of Marvel Studios from Iron Man in 2008 through Avengers: Infinity War and likely Avengers 4. And that book is officially from Marvel Studios.

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