Update on the Solo ‘Hawkeye’ Project (Exclusive)

Back in June, MCU Cosmic reported that a solo Hawkeye project was being considered at Marvel. I ran the report following comments by Kevin Feige that we’d be seeing new incarnations of existing characters, and that definitely fits with what I was told about the Hawkeye project. However back then it wasn’t clear if it was actually going to happen or not, which is why I described it as something that was just being considered.

But today I can say that such a project does still have a pulse, meaning it sounds like it’s in some stage of internal development. What I can’t say for certain is where it’ll end up, as with the advent of the Marvel Studios series for the forthcoming Disney streaming service; this sounds like the sort of story that would fit very well with an eight-episode series. Then again, it could still be a movie.

And yes, I can now at last share what it will supposedly be about as that’s something I’ve sat on since I broke the news about The Eternals. It will involve Clint Barton’s Hawkeye, but it will deal with him training a new younger archer. Comic fans can probably figure out who that new archer is.

So that’s where it stands now. It sounds like there’s been some sort of movement on a solo Hawkeye movie (or show) to the point where it’s not just an idea being considered. It’ll show Barton training a new archer in the MCU, one who could turn out to be a fan favorite from the comics.

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