Rumor: Marvel May Be Considering Sam Wilson as Cap in the MCU

Marvel fans went into panic mode recently when Chris Evans announced that he had filmed his last scenes as Captain America. While the debate is still going on about Cap’s fate in the next Avengers movie, a new rumor has arisen about the future of the character in the MCU.

In an interview with Larry King, Crossbones actor Frank Grillo was asked about the Captain America situation and he said:

“I don’t know, but there have been rumors that Captain America could be African American. Could be a woman. You know, so they’re looking.”

Obviously that could mean that they’re thinking of giving Sam Wilson the shield, just like what happened in the comics.

If Grillo is correct, this would confirm that Evans really is done playing Cap…for now. And there will be those Bucky fans out there upset we won’t be seeing Bucky Cap in the MCU, but you have to remember that Sebastian Stan is still in the middle of his nine-movie MCU contract; so we’ll be seeing a lot of Bucky in the future.

Here’s the interview clip:

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