New Information Corroborates Previous Rumors About When Avengers 4 Begins After Infinity War

One of the biggest debates Marvel fans have online is how Avengers 4 will begin following the events of Avengers: Infinity War. While one of the most popular fan-fic theories has the movie starting immediately after The Snap and the Avengers resolving the deaths of trillions of people merely days after the event, it doesn’t sound like that’s how it will likely play out.

According to industry insider DanielRPK, Avengers 4 picks up years after the events of Infinity War:


If this sounds familiar, it’s been a rumor for quite a long time. This site ran it back in April of this year, but of course people didn’t want to believe it back then.

Resolving the death of half of the universe just days after it happened lessens the impact of what Thanos did. By picking up the story years after the event it gives the movie a chance to show the impact The Snap had on the world, how it broke the characters involved with it, and it also gives those characters a future (and possible family members) that they would need to sacrifice in order to reverse the events of a bad past.

Starting Avengers 4 years after the events of Infinity War is very smart storytelling, and it’s going to be very cool to see where the movie goes from there.

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