Marvel Fixes the Spanish Translation of the Captain Marvel Poster After Fans Complain

Sometimes, things just get lost in translation when a movie produced in the US is promoted in other countries; and Captain Marvel is a great example of that. Fans might remember the frenzy over the international translations of The Last Jedi that alluded to the title being plural, despite Rian Johnson going on record that it referred to Luke only, but this is actually a little funnier than that.

The Captain Marvel slogan, “Higher, Further, Faster” is pretty well-known. But for some reason the Spanish branch of Marvel’s marketing changed it on the poster there to say “Superior, Advanced, Fast”, according to Elmundo. Fans complained that it sounded like an ad for an appliance like a vacuum cleaner.

Yesterday Marvel released a corrected version of the poster, which has the right tag line now:

Fans are pretty happy with the change as well:

While this one is a funny translation, which was quickly corrected, it probably won’t be the last time something like this happens.

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