Marvel Fans Definitely Want to Watch Jimmy Fallon Tonight…

Earlier today Mark Ruffalo teased a spoiler that will be dropped on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon later tonight. Based on people who were at the taping, something does happen Marvel related; although they can’t say what it was because the mic was bleeped very loudly for the audience.

Even though the bleep was ear-piercing, some at the taping are saying they believe they were able to make out the words “last” and “Avenger” faintly, but they could’ve misheard and didn’t hear the whole thing he said.

It’s likely they bleeped the mic during the taping so people would be unable to leak the title he said prior to the show airing. As of this writing, it’ll air in less than two hours on the East Coast. The show begins at 11:30pm Eastern, and the interviews are usually about thirty minutes into the show. So definitely tune into to Fallon tonight to see what is said!

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