Mark Ruffalo Trolled Marvel Fans on The Tonight Show

Tonight, after teasing people during the day with Tweets between himself, Jimmy Fallon, and even the Russo Brothers; Mark Ruffalo epicly trolled Marvel fans wanting the Avengers 4 title tonight on The Tonight Show.

“I think it’s out there already, the title of the next Avengers movie is…” and then he was bleeped with a black bar over his mouth.

Following that they did a skit where he “spoiled” (not really) the ending of Avengers 4 and what the Hulk does. It was just an excuse to bleep him more in a funny bit.

But that’s all that happened with Ruffalo’s appearance on Fallon tonight. We’ll have to wait a little longer to get confirmation on the rumored Avengers 4 title.

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