Venom is Rated PG-13 & Tickets Going on Sale Soon!

Ever since Sony’s non-Spider-Man Venom movie was announced, people had hoped that the lower budget would mean they would get a harsher R-rated version of the character known for biting off heads and eating brains, unfortunately that isn’t to be.

I’ve just been contacted by a long-time source who has delivered accurate movie run times in advance to me, and theaters have just been notified that Venom will be rated PG-13 with a run time of 1 hour and 52 minutes; meaning they can begin to program showtimes and sell advanced tickets soon.

People have been wondering when tickets would go on sale for the movie as A Star is Born has begun advanced sales already and that comes out the same weekend. I’ve been told that theaters will likely begin selling tickets for Venom as early as tomorrow (the 14th) although it could be as late as Sunday or Monday depending on how things shake out.

But the big news here is that Venom has been officially rated PG-13 instead of the R people were hoping for.


Cinemark theaters are selling tickets now, and their site confirms the PG-12 rating an run time reported above:

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