Venom Has Two Credit Scenes (Spoilers)

Like almost every superhero movie, Venom also has a couple of scenes in the credits. There’s the traditional mid-credits one like most movies have, as well as a little something after all of the credits finish rolling. In fact, the main credit scene has been out there for a long time.

Back in February, The Hashtag Show ran a story about what Woody Harrelson’s role in the movie would be. They said that Brock would meet Harrelson’s character in San Quentin prison, and that scene did make it into the movie as the mid-credits stinger.

These are the credit scenes in Venom:

  • Stinger 1 (mid-credits): Eddie goes to San Quentin for his exclusive interview with Cletus Kasady played by Woody Harrelson. Harrelson wears a wig and looks like Pennywise without the clown make up on. He asks Eddie if he wants to hear about him being a serial killer. If he wants to hear the carnage.
  • Stinger 2 (post-credits): “Meanwhile, in another Spider-Verse…” and it’s a preview of Into the Spider-Verse.

So one of them sets up a potential sequel, and the other is a preview of the animated Spider-Man movie coming out in December. Into the Spider-Verse had a great presentation at Comic Con in July and I’ve heard very good things from people who have seen it. One even called it their favorite Spider-Man movie of all time.

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