Marvel Kicks Off Black Panther’s Oscar Campaign

With the Academy not doing the “Popular Movie” category at this year’s Oscar, Marvel is going after the big trophy for Black Panther with the official kick-off of their For Your Consideration campaign for the movie.

Disney launched their official 2018 awards site today and as of right now the only movie listed on it is Black Panther. This is their For Your Consideration listing, and while it looks like they want it nominated in everything; that’s what studios do. Even Paramount tried to get the last Transformers movie nominated for Pest Picture. Obviously that didn’t work, but this year Black Panther is probably the one big blockbuster that at least stands a chance. This is also the first time Marvel Studios has spent a very large amount of money on an Oscar campaign like this:

We won’t know if it gets nominated for anything until they make that announcement in February.

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