Captain Marvel’s Budget Appears to Be $152 Million

Marvel Studios is known for being very economical with the budgets on their solo movies. That’s one of the reasons why the deal with Sony was made, as Spider-Man: Homecoming cost a lot less to make than The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and ended up making more money as well. And now we may know how much Captain Marvel cost to make.

A filing on the Louisiana Office of Entertainment Industry Development website reveals that the budget of the Marvel production “Open World” (the codename for Captain Marvel) was $152 million. The production spent eight days filming in Baton Rouge, and comic fans will recognize that as where Maria (and Monica) Rambeau are from.

So $152 million isn’t a huge budget compared to some of those superhero movies that clock in at over $200 million, but again it’s not too outside the average of a solo Marvel Studios movie.

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