The 20 Movie IMAX Marvel Cinematic Universe Festival is Official!

It’s been rumored for a while, but all twenty Marvel Cinematic Universe movies will be playing on IMAX at the end of this month.

From August 6th through September 6th, all 20 MCU movies will play on select IMAX screens across the country. They will play the movies chronologically from Thursday the 30th through Monday the 3th. Four movies will play a day. And then on Tuesday there will be a selection of “origins” movies, Wednesday will have team-ups, and then Thursday will have two Fan Choice movies that aren’t announced yet.

This will be the first time some of the earlier MCU movies, such as Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk, have played on IMAX.

Here’s the full schedule:

Every theater chain has a different way to handle the movies as it looks like they’ll be individual tickets, but Regal will have a pass to view all of them if you want to do the whole marathon.

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