RUMOR: Another Minor Spider-Man Villain May Appear in Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home is already filled with villains such as Mysterio, a small appearance by The Vulture, a possible appearance by Chameleon, and a rumor that Hydro Man will show up in the scenes set in Venice. Now a new rumor says that another minor Spider-Man villain may be making an appearance in the movie.

That villain would be Mark Raxton, otherwise known as Molten Man. A character who originally appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #28 in 1965, his origin is connected to that of Spencer Smythe; who just happens to be another character that’s rumored to pop up in some way in the Homecoming sequel.

Now his appearing is only a rumor, and the origin of this is that a Molten Man figure apparently is included in one of the toy lines that are being produced for the film. I’m not willing to say he’s confirmed to appear yet, as toys can often include random characters who don’t actually show up in the movie.

Even though it sounds like there are way too many villains being crammed in the movie, the globe-trotting theme of the movie could lend itself to various villains in the different places Peter Parker visits through the course of the film. They’re shooting Far From Home all over Europe, so there’s a lot of opportunities for Spidey to run into different villains during his European tour.

The question remains, does something happen in Avengers 4 that causes so many people to get super powers and become super villains?

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